Sacred Heart Church

Knights of Columbus
Bishop Claude Dubois
Council 7445

Officers and Directors
for Fraternal Year 2000-2001

Grand Knight  Dan Polczynski  979-793-5632
Deputy Grand Knight  Don Murrile 281-342-9306
Chaplain  Fr. Howard Drabek 281-342-3609
Chancellor  Bryan Meyer 281-343-1357
Warden  Mark Chapman 281-341-9349
Advocate  Rick Bilski 281-342-7895
Financial Secretary  Scott Sifford 281-277-5759
Treasurer  Steve Falcon 281-342-5565
Recorder  Steve Nestlerode 281-341-6223
Lecturer  Open 
Inside Guard  Leroy Vacek 281-342-5390
Outside Guard  Don Hoeveler 281-232-8393
3-Year Trustee Mike Cutbirth 281-343-1417
2-Year Trustee  Mark Chapman 281-341-9349
1-Year Trustee Mark Stryk 281-342-8109
Program Director Open
Church Director  Mark Chapman 281-341-9349
Community Director  Hugh Burton 281-342-4302
Council Director  Steve Nestlerode 281-341-6223
Family Director  Rick Bilski 281-342-7895
Youth Director  Open 
Insurance Agent  Lynn Hanley 800-460-2706
Newsletter Editor Andy Oldmixon 281-232-5067
Membership Director Mike Cutbirth 281-343-1417
Spiritual Director Don Ries 281-342-9055
Pro Life Director Ray Ireland 281-238-0996

Sacred Heart


Officers & Directors
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