Sacred Heart Parish         Richmond, Texas           September 1999


Happy the man who follows not the counsel of the wicked, nor walks in the way of sinners, nor sits in the company of scoffers, but delights in the law of the Lord and meditates on His law day and night.
Psalm 1:1-2

Dear brothers,

 We have a few major items to discuss at our September meeting so please come out and share your thoughts.  October's meeting will once again be an OPEN meeting at the old CCE Building where we will celebrate Columbus Day and honor our altar servers with a Fish Fry.  We ask that you chip in with a vegetable, salad, or dessert.  The council will provide the fish and drinks.

Continue to pray for our sick, our youth, and for a spiritual revival and renewal amongst all peoples, but especially those in our own country.

Live life to the fullest,


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Astros Baseball Game
Regular Meeting
Directors’ Meeting
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Life Chain
Newsletter input due
BBQ, C Team
Open meeting, fish fry for alter servers
Parish Bazaar
Director’s Meeting
Officer’s Meeting
Corporate Communion


The meeting was called to order at 7:34 p.m. by Grand Knight Mike Cutbirth.

Previous meeting minutes were approved as read.

The transfer of Hugo R. Stoeltje and new application for Lance S. McIntire were both approved.

Grand Knight Report:
1) Thanked all the past Grand Knights for their help and attendance
2)  State Charity pins are available for a donation of $20
3)  ID Care Program for Kids (Raffle of a NFL Football helmet signed by a number of Pros). Tickets $5.00 each.
4)  Proposed that the Council support the Parish Bazaar by advertising on the back side of the raffle tickets for $150.00
5)  Shoe Drive -  no one showed up
6)  Reminded Brother Knights about the setup and take down at the Bazaar
7)  Mentioned moving the meeting to the old CCE Building
8)  Mentioned Tovar BBQ Pit is for Sale for $2000
9)  Read a thank you letter from Fr. Francis.

Trustee Mark Stryk reported that the audit was complete and the books were in excellent shape.

Rick Bilski reported that this month’s family activity will be the Astro vs. Cubs Game on Sept 12.

Program Director Andy Bockholt spoke of the need to plan ahead for each event.  Each event needs a chairman and helpers. There was a discussion regarding the volunteering for events. We need everyone who is able to volunteer for at least one event during the coming year. Most of the events will take less than 4 hours of your time.  They are scheduled but we need your help now.

New Business: A motion was made that the Council advertises on the back of the Parish Bazaar Raffle tickets at a cost of $150. Motion was seconded and approved unanimously

In need of our prayers: Dennis Barrett and Dennis Barrett Jr.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:44pm.
Life Chain is an annual public witness against the killing of unborn children.  It is held the first Sunday of October.  The participants stand prayerfully, peacefully and legally along major roads.  Life Chains will be held in hundreds of cities nationwide on October 3.  Bring the whole family – this is a chance to stand up and be counted for life.  The specific location and time for our Council will be announced later.
Planning our new year calendar.
What will you do to help your council?
The planning of events takes time and help from the membership. We currently have approximately 140 members. If every member signed up to help with 1 or 2 events, we can have well planned events.  We don’t want to wait until the last minute to determine if we have enough help to have the event.  Most of these events take less than 4 hours. A donation of your time and talents for 8-10 hrs per year will be helpful.
Do you want to be asked? We are asking you to volunteer now to get the event that you would like to work.  If you really want to be asked, then we will call and ask what event you would like to volunteer for.  We need chairmen and helpers.  Most of us are afraid to be a chairman. Maybe you are but you can try.  That is what we are asking – to try.

Calendar of events, director of the event and number of volunteers needed

Bar-B-Q Sunday.  We have A, B, & C Teams.  They usually BBQ 3 –4 times a year. Requirements:  2nd Sunday of month, 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  for the cooks  + 2 sales/collections after each mass.  Call Bryan Meyer 281-343.1357or Steve Nestlerode 281-341-6223.

Sept 12 - BBQ B Team.
Sept 12 - Ball Game. (Rick Bilski 281.342.7895)
October 3 - Respect Life Chain. (Ray Ireland 281.238.0996)
October 10 - BBQ C Team.
October 12 – Fish Fry. (cook, helpers, +4) (Bryan Meyer 281.343.1357)
Oct 17 – Parish Bazaar. (setup and take down:  pick-ups and/or trailer, +7)  (Gerald Migl 281-342.0088)
Oct 31 - Corp. Communion.  (Rick Bilski 281.342.7895)
Nov. - Sundays- Food Baskets.  (Hugh Burton 281.342.4302)
Nov 14 - BBQ A Team.
Dec. 4 - Breakfast with Santa.  (cooks and helpers, 6) (Steve Nestlerode 281.341.6223)
Dec. 12 - Blood Drive. (+6, need 4 drives per year) (Steve Nestlerode 281.341.6223)
Dec 12 -  BBQ B Team.
Dec.14 - Council Christmas Party.  (+8)   (Steve Nestlerode 281341.6223)
Dec 31- Millennium Party. (+8)  (Steve Nesterode 281.341.6223)
Jan. - Free Throw. (+4) (Mike Spiech 281.545.8536)
Jan 23 - Say It With Roses. (+2) (Ray Ireland 281.238.0996)
Jan 30 - Corporate Communion. (Rick Bilski 281.342.7895)
Jan 30 - Super Bowl BBQ. (+7)  (Bryan Meyer 281.343.1357)
Feb. 12 - Ladies Night. (+15)  (Mark Stryk 281.342.8109)
Feb 13 - BBQ C Team.
March 4 - Men’s Retreat. (+4) (Mark Chapman 281.341.9349)
March 7 - Pancake Supper. (+6) (Steve Nestlerode 281.341.6223)
March 12 - BBQ A Team.
April 8 - Car Maintenance. (+4) ( Scott Sifford 281.277.5759)
April 9 - BBQ B Team.
April 30 - Corporate Communion. (Rick Bilski 281.342.7895)
May 14 - BBQ C Team.
June 16-17 - Father’s Day Brisket & Ribs. (+7)  (Bryan Meyer 281.343.1357)

Need ASAP:
(1) Sign Painter –construct a portable advertising sign for the council to promote events (Steve Nestlerode  281.341.6223 or Andy Bockholt 281.341.8402)
(2) Volunteers to help paint doors and shelves at the Pregnancy Resource Center (Hugh Burton 281 342.4302)

Brothers, these are the scheduled events. We need your help and support.  Now is the time to get the event you want to work.  Call the phone number for the event and talk to the director of the activity about helping.
Call Andy Bockholt 281.341.8402  or Steve Nestlerode 281.341.6223
We wish to thank those who have already signed up.

Painting the new offices for the Pregnancy Resource Center.
Our first Community activity of the year, painting the new offices of the Pregnancy Resource Center, is nearly completed.  The Offices look quite nice, especially compared to the way they looked when we first started.

Many thanks to those of you who volunteered. Approximately 80 hours were spent so far on this effort. Six separate trips were made up to this point.

Volunteers included:
Hugh Burton - Project Director  Frank Knesek - 2 Time Volunteer
Gene DeBons    Dan Polczynski - 2 Time Volunteer
Arthur Hausler - 2 Time Volunteer and a donation of paint equipment
Jim Mensay    Andy Bockholt - 2 Time Volunteer
Mark Styrk - 2 Time Volunteer  Paul Metcalf - 2 Time Volunteer
Elliott Jones    Mike Cutbirth
Becky Knesek - 2 Time Volunteer  Ray Ireland
Ingrid Ireland    John James
Bill Willis    Eddie Rios
Mark Chapman    Allen Hartmann
We derived a great deal of satisfaction from this project. There was much fellowship. We solved all the world’s problems. Although the list above is long, many more Brothers were needed. Many were asked and could not participate for a variety of reasons. Others were not asked, primarily because I don’t know you well enough. Please don’t let that stop you participating in the future. Perhaps you can help with the remainder of the project.  Please call Hugh Burton  (281) 342-4302 and let him know if you are interested in helping. We most certainly can use your help. The next project will be some Saturday in late September or early October.

The Pregnancy Resource Center is in business to provide an alternative to abortion for pregnant women. While we can’t stop abortions, we can help where we can. Helping to provide an attractive environment for the Center staff to meet with these pregnant ladies may just help save a life.
As of now, the following youth activities have been planned for the coming year:
1. Breakfast with Santa - December
2. Freethrow contest - January
3. Softball with Life Teen - October
4. Volleyball with Life Teen - February

Virginia Ewald and Tony Langerud have been contacted to get their input on what activities we as Knights could provide to our elementary, middle, and high school youth. Some of you may have some thoughts and ideas of ways that we can be of service to our youth. Let Mike Spiech (281) 937-0257 know; or better yet, volunteer to work up some youth-related activity.

The KC Family Day Astro's Game is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 12th. The Astro's game will start @ 1:35 P.M. We will load the bus on the small parking lot to the right side of the Family Life Facility. We will begin loading the Bus at 11:45 a.m. and plan on departing no later than 12:15 P.M., so be ontime!
Tickets to the game will be given out on the bus and we will collect the $8.00 per ticket cost at that time. Checks should be made to the Knights of Columbus Council 7445.
The bus will drop our group off at the front of the Astrodome and will pick-up
at the same location after the game. We estimate being back at Sacred Heart
about 5:00 p.m.
Bring your best cheering and support for the Astros to the game as they work to
beat the Chicago Cubs and Sammy Sosa.
If there are any questions call Rick Bilski (281)342-7895.
· Hugh Burton (281-342-4302) for:
       Membership Lists, Telephone Lists,
Other Brothers’ addresses and phone numbers,
Changes of your address, phone numbers - home and work, employment, children, sports, and corrections for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

· Tom Petrosewicz (281-341-1553) for your name tags.
Johnnie Sullivan
Ed Tusa

Brother Charles and Mary Drees 
Brother Lawrence and Jeanne Horrigan, Jr. 
Brother Oscar and Rose Taccogna
  Brother Alan and Pilar Erlt
Brother Robert and Kathy Reineke
Brother Robert and Patty Trachimowicz

Charlene (Brother Eric) Berlin                
Brother Huey Burton 
Mary (Brother Charles) Drees
Bonnie (Brother Daniel) Gerken 
Susan (Brother Allen) Hartmann
Brother Marvin Kuhn 
Brother Gerald Migl
Brother Carl Myers
Linda (Brother Larry) Paukert
Brother Father Eric Pitre
Brother Bennie Richter, Jr.
Sharon (Brother Daniel) Slavinski 
Brother James Weyand
       Brother Rick Bilski
Brother Michael Cutbirth
Brother Steven Falcon
Barbara (Brother Gene) Gritczek
Jane (Brother Arthur) Hausler
Carolyn (Brother Bernard) Lednicky
Martha (Brother Darrell) Mitchell
Brother Richard Oldmixon 
Brother Thomas Petrosewicz
Brother Greg Pitts
Brother Donald Ries
Brother Gene Theobald

To allow adequate time for the newsletter to be word processed, proofread, copied, folded, stapled, addressed and mailed before the regular monthly meeting, input is needed 10 days before the meeting date.  The following are the input dates for the rest of the year.  Please post these somewhere as a reminder.
Month       Due Date
October     October 3
November  November 31
December  December 5

This newsletter is printed for internal use of the Knights of Columbus by
the Newsletter Editor, Ray Ireland, of Council 7445.  Copies may be obtained on
request by writing to:  Newsletter Editor, P.O. Box 688, Richmond, Texas 77406-0668.


WEAR YOUR EMBLEM                                       SEE YOU AT THE MEETING


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