Sacred Heart Parish         Richmond, Texas           October 1999


"If my people who bear my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I myself will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land."  2Chronicles 7:14

Dear Brother Knights,

The above scripture passage was on the back of the placards that read, "Abortion Kills Children" that a few of us held up in the hot afternoon sun on Sunday, October, 3 at the Life Chain.  I would ask that you reread the passage and meditate on the words, as they are very powerful and meaningful.

Writing in the August, 1999 edition of "The Wyoming Catholic Register," Bishop Joseph Hart of Cheyenne, Wyoming gave 10 reasons "why I like the Knights of Columbus and why I think it's a good idea for you to join."
1) Knights are good Catholics, affirming and unifying for all of us.
2) Knights appreciate prayer and especially the Mass.
3) The Knights of Columbus help the poor, God's 'little ones' and the Church.
4) Knights care about, support and love their clergy and religious.
5) Knights support life issues and vocations.
6) Knights really care about the Church.
7) The leaders in the Knights of Columbus are quality people.
8) Knights are a welcoming and hospitable group.
9) Knights help keep the Christmas lights burning in front of my house.
10) Knights serve good food - for body, soul, and mind.
Our Church, our Community, our Parish, and our World's Youth need more Knights.
Ask another man from our parish to join us.

Please welcome into our council our 2 new brothers, Sean McIntire and Phil Moran.  These 2 fine gentlemen joined our Order at a 1st degree ceremony at Sugar Land on September 20.

Remember October's meeting is an OPEN meeting and will be held in the OLD CCE building.  Awards will begin at 6:45 and the serving of our annual Columbus Day Fish Fry will begin about 7PM.  Bring the entire family out along with a vegetable and/or dessert to go with Bubba's delicious fish and enjoy the
fellowship of your brother Knights and their families.

Live life to the fullest,

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Officers’ Meeting

After an excellent meal (spaghetti with chicken, garlic bread, salad and adult beverages) prepared by Bryan Meyer, the meeting opened at 7:35 P.M.  We had 15 members in attendance.  The following officers were absent: Glenn Nohavitza, Mark Stryk and Mark Chapman.  All other officers were present or excused.
The Grand Knight Mike Cutbirth read a new member application from Phillip Moran.  It was approved unanimously.  The Grand Knight further reported that State Charity Pins are available for a $20 donation.  Raffle tickets are available for the State Charities.  The tickets are $5 each with 50% going to the State Charities and 50% going to pay for an inkless child ID kit.  October 12 will be an open meeting and family fish fry.  The altar servers are to be honored.  It will start at 6:45.  There is to be a New Year’s Eve Mass at 11:00 followed by a light breakfast.  Thanks to Mike McConnell and Leroy Vasek for the emergency barbecue help.

 The chaplain’s report was given by Don Ries.  He reported that the storage building is under construction.  It will cost $20,000.  The Knights will get a 10’ X 20’ space.  They had previously said that they would help defray the cost of the building.

Mike Cutbirth reported on behalf of the treasurer that the July BBQ netted $159 and the August BBQ netted $188.

The Community Director, Hugh Burton, reported that we’ll still need one more trip to the Pregnancy Resource Center to paint the doors and the shelves.  A sign-up sheet was passed around.

The Family Director, Rick Bilski, reported that 45 people attended the Astros' game.  The tickets sold out fast.

Ray Ireland reported that the Life Chain is October 3.  It will be an hour and a half of prayer.
 The youth director, Mike Spiech, reported that the baseball game with the Life Teen group had been canceled.  The family director, Rick Bilski, reported on the upcoming corporate communion on May 30.  Breakfast the Youth Director, Mike Spiech, The Youth Youth Director; Mike Spiech reported that he has planned 9 activities for the year.  He has talked to Tony Langerud about participating in Life Teen.   December 4 is Breakfast with Santa.  In January we’ll have the free throw contest. He would like to start an adopt the communicant program.  There are about 75-90 first communicants.  We would each pick a student and send them a letter of encouragement and pray for them.  He wants to plan a workday for the elderly with the youth involvement.  We will help out with the 4th and 5th grade retreat and assist in a spring lock-in for the Junior High students.  On December 6th there will be a St. Nicholas party.

Under unfinished business, a discussion was held on the need for a new BBQ pit. Dan Plochinski made a motion to buy the pit for $2,000.  Brian Meyer seconded it.  The vote was tabled until the motion is published in the newsletter and pending the Trustees’ review.

Under new business, John Healey spoke on the Women’s Center capital campaign.  He made brochures available for those who were interested.

Becky Knessek was named the Lady of the Quarter for her work at the Pregnancy Resource Center.

The Grand Knight introduced the new insurance agent, Lynn Hanley.  He offered his assistance to the Brother Knights.

The District Deputy reported that the membership report was not good.  Our goal for this fiscal year is 8 new members and 5 new insurance members.  We are behind.  "Bring in a new member".

Prayers were offered for Dennis Barret and Jodie Stavinoha.

The meeting adjourned at 8:44.

Sunday, October 3, 1999 was Respect Life Sunday.  Parishioners and Knights from Sacred Heart participated in this prayerful vigil for the unborn.
Over the last couple months we have been planning the events for the New Year.  After a review of the events last year, we found that while we had sufficient help most of the time, we also discovered that many of the events were being worked by the same people. Brothers, we need all of you to volunteer to help with these events. It may be inconvenient to work on occasion, and it is a sacrifice but a small one.  Please help us to plan and execute our events.
We plan to call each of you soon for two things
1. To see how you can help us plan and participate in our upcoming activities.
2. To get your e-mail address.  By having it we can reduce the cost of mailing the newsletter and it will help get information out quickly.
Come to the meeting on October 12.  It is an open meeting,  a fish fry and we are honoring the altar servers. Serving begins at 7:00 p.m. If you can spare some time come earlier and help with the preparation of the fish.
The following youth activities are planned for the coming year:

1. Adopt a 1st Communicant (Spiritual Support) - Ongoing
2. Breakfast With Santa - December 4
3. St. Nicholas Party - December 6 (Role not yet Defined)
4. Free-throw contest - January, 2000
5. Workday for the Elderly (Assist Elementary Children in Project) - November
6. Softball with Life Teen - October
7. Volleyball with Life Teen - February
8. 4th/5th Grade Retreat (Assist as Needed) - A Friday Night, Exact Date Not Set
9. Lock-in for Junior High (Assist as Needed) - Friday Night/Saturday Morning, Exact Date Not Set

Tony Langerud may provide some additional activities to support for the Life Teen group.

At the last meeting, several Knights volunteered to participate in several of these activities. I know there are some of you fellow Knights who cannot attend our regular monthly meetings so please call Mike Spiech or Andy Bockholt to volunteer your time for any of these projects. Please consider giving some of your time to any of these projects or suggest some others that you believe would be of value to our parish youth. We are here to help our parish be the best that it can be – look inside and help where you can, even if you only participate in one activity or at least pray for its success.
Astros’ Family Day.
The Astro's Family Day event held September 12th was enjoyed by 48 participants. The bus seems to be a convenient way to get to and from the Astrodome while allowing Brother Knights and their families a time to visit.  The hometeam Astros did not disappoint the fans as they were victorious over the Chicago Cubs.  This year’s baseball event was well received as the tickets went in a few short weeks.  Thanks to all who participated in the family event.

Corporate Communion set for October 31st.
We have an upcoming KC Corporate Communion set for Sunday, October 31st at the 9:30 a.m. service. We will gather in the entrance of the church where we will enter as a group and be seated together as we join in this Eucharistic celebration. The KC choir will provide the spiritual vocals.

· Hugh Burton (281-342-4302) for:
       Membership Lists, Telephone Lists,
Other Brothers’ addresses and phone numbers,
Changes of your address, phone numbers - home and work, employment, children, sports, and corrections for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

· Tom Petrosewicz (281-341-1553) for your name tags.
Johnnie Sullivan
Ed Tusa

Brother Dennis and Marjory Barrett
Brother Steven and Alma Falcon 
Brother Alex and Esther Joswiak 
Brother Anthony and Sandy Novak
Brother William and Judy Reinecker
         Brother Thomas and Cynthia Cervenka
Brother Russell and Michele Hollek
Brother Werner and Pauline Klesel
Brother Robin and Peggy Reiland
Brother Tony and Wallie Trevino

Brother Dennis and Marjory Barrett
Brother Eric Berlin
Cynthia (Brother Thomas) Cervenka
Brother Gary Graske
Brother Jerrel Hartfiel 
Brother Dennis Keyes
Brother Timothy Orsak 
Ellen (Brother Carl) Rossini
Brother David Spence
Mary Jane (Brother Jodie) Stavinoha 
Brother Oscar Taccogna
Brother J. David Webster
       Brother Dennis and Marjory Barrett 
Patty (Brother Michael) Boshop
Brother Daniel Fawvor
Lois (Brother Larry) Gremminger
Brother Arthur Hausler
Brother John Mangel
Gloria (Brother Guillermo) Rodrigez
Sharon ( Brother David) Sheets
Kathy (Brother Michael) Spiech
Brother Jared and Kelly Strnadel
Brother Mark and Linda Towle
Rita (Brother Bill) Willis

To allow adequate time for the newsletter to be word processed, proofread, copied, folded, stapled, addressed and mailed before the regular monthly meeting, input is needed 10 days before the meeting date.  The following are the input dates for the rest of the year.  Please post these somewhere as a reminder.
Month       Due Date
November  October 31
December  December 5

This newsletter is printed for internal use of the Knights of Columbus by
the Newsletter Editor, Ray Ireland, of Council 7445.  Copies may be obtained on
request by writing to:  Newsletter Editor, P.O. Box 688, Richmond, Texas 77406-0668.


WEAR YOUR EMBLEM                                       SEE YOU AT THE MEETING


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