KC Newsletter October 1998





Saturday, 3                  Mini Retreat

Sunday, 4                    B-B-Q, “B” Team

                                    Life Chain in Rosenberg

Tuesday, 13                 Columbus Day Open Meeting

Saturday, 17                Liturgical Music Workshop

Sunday, 18                  Sacred Heart Parish Bazaar

Tuesday, 20                 Directors’ Meeting

Sunday, 25                  Softball vs. Our Youth

Tuesday, 27                 Officers’ Meeting

Saturday, 31                Golf Tournament



Sunday, 1        B-B-Q, “C” Team

            Alternate Golf Day

                        Collect Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Tuesday, 10     Regular Meeting

Tuesday, 17     Directors Meeting

Tuesday, 24     Officers Meeting

Thursday, 26   Thanksgiving

                        Distribute Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Sunday, 30      Corporate Communion

                        Mass for our Deceased Knights



Christmas on Morton Street is in question

Saturday, 5      Breakfast with Santa

Tuesday, 8       Christmas Party, begins with Mass

Sunday, 13      Blood Drive

Tuesday, 15     Directors Meeting

Tuesday, 22     Officers Meeting

Friday, 25        Christmas




We are going to celebrate Columbus Day on October 13 this year, only one day late.  Our regular meeting will be an Open Meeting for all knights and your families, and all men interested in being knights.  The program for the evening will include:

Covered dish supper

Honoring our altar servers

Special awards to some of our knights

Softball sign-up

Maybe some information on Christopher Columbus.


For the supper we shall provide a great selection of fresh, fried fish.  Please will you bring anything to go with that: salads, vegetables, breads, potatoes, rice, desserts, cheeses…

Unless there is a change, we shall begin at 6:30 p.m. in the old CCE Building.  Please bring another man whom you think might like to be a knight.




Three knights were honored at the last meeting for their outstanding work with our Council.  As the certificates only just arrived we were able to give Bryan “Bubba” Meyer his Knight of the Year certificate for the award which was announced at the Installation Lunch.


For July this year the Knight of the Month award was presented to the organizer of the record-breaking blood donation session that took place on July 12.  Grand Knight Mike Cutbirth brought in 69 volunteers resulting in 46 units of whole blood, plus the …  Please remember that if you or a dear one needs blood, please contact Mike Cutbirth and arrangements can be made to use our credits.  Great job and well done, Mike.


For August, the Knight of the Month was awarded to Ray Ireland for his gallant offer and ongoing work on this newsletter.  It is very difficult to get knights to volunteer for the occasional function.  This knight is donating several evenings every month, with a great deal of help from Ingrid, his wife, to the production of this newsletter.  Thank you and congratulations, Ray. (Director of Council Affairs)



Fr. Eric is pleased to announce that Tim Dyksinski, Music Director of the Diocese of Galveston-Houston will be at Sacred Heart in Richmond on Saturday, October 17 to present a liturgy and music planning workshop from 9:00am till 12:30pm in the church.


This workshop is open to all parishes and we are expecting music and liturgy planners from several churches to be in attendance.  As we are hosting this event, it is our expectation that all music ministry groups from Sacred Heart will be in attendance, especially those responsible for music planning for each group.  This workshop will be very informative to you and will guide you in music/liturgy planning, for all our liturgical celebrations.  Tim will share a wealth of information and answer any questions you may have regarding appropriateness of any music of which you may be uncertain as to whether it is acceptable according to church standards.


All KC Choir members, KC Carol Choir members and would-be members are invited.



We have challenged the youth of this parish to see if they can (match our prowess).  The challenge this year is a game of softball that will take place at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday October 33, at the --  grounds. Come and show them how it should be played, or come to cheer us on.  There will be refreshments after the game, and maybe during.  You can sign up at the Columbus Day Open Meeting, or call Paul Metcalf, 342-9096.



We put the last barbecue towards the needs of the children who needed shoes for school.  We sold every chicken except one.  Thank you for that effort.  We donated $300 out of our funds; we added $300 which was the profit from the barbecue; and we collected an extra $144 in donations at the last barbecue.  More thanks.  The St. Vincent de Paul Society was looking for $1,200 to cover all the needs.  Please, if you have not given for this big need, send a check, or give cash, to Tim Moncure, Director of Community Affairs, at:……………  Checks can be made out to St. Vincent de Paul Society.



For those of you who read this heading and did not understand it, don’t worry.  Microsoft “Access” is the name of a database program.  For the last 15 years or so, all your records have been kept on a “dBase” database (from Ashton Tate), and on several others (such as Microsoft Word) from time to time.  Some people are very happy that Paul Metcalf has given up his old-fashioned method of keeping the data to a more modern man, and method.


Brother Hugh Burton is this reckless computer brain who has taken over all this data, hard work and responsibility for your records, members’ lists, telephone lists, labels for the newsletter and invitations, etc.  Please throw all your complaints, and address and telephone changes, and requests at him from now on (342-4302).  I thank you Hugh for this brave effort, I wish you luck, and I ask everybody to help him keep our records up to date.                                                                                                                Paul Metcalf



How does anyone know that we, the Knights of Columbus, Council 7445, of Richmond, Texas, exist?  If you are a knight , you have this newsletter, the phone-tree and the meetings to keep you informed.  If you go to Sacred Heart Church, you will hear about a few of our efforts.  If you happen to be out and see a bunch of men doing something good, you would not have a clue that it could be us.  Unless…   We tell the world what we are doing.  If everybody sees that the KCs are a helpful, useful group of men in the community, and see that we are a solid, trustworthy, energetic body of men, we will get more response, more respect, more attention, more donations, more sales, and more members.


How do we do this?  Wear your KC emblem: wear your KC hat: wear your KC jacket: tell people that you are a KC and what you do for our local community and the world.  But what of those you do not meet or see?  Brother Dick Oldmixon has done a very good job of public relations by capturing the scene on film, writing a story and giving it all to the press and radio/TV stations.  You may have noticed that for the last several weeks we have had articles and announcements in the Herald Coaster.  Thank you, Dick.  To make this work even better, please tell Dick (342-2401)what functions are coming, and when you want him to be there with his camera.  If he cannot be there, just give him the details, with lots of local names, and he will do the rest.  Help to advertise us, help Dick, help to grow the membership.



This newsletter is printed for internal use of the Knights of Columbus by the Newsletter Editor, Ray Ireland, of Council 7445.  Contributions must reach the editor by the first day of the month for publication in that month, try rain62467@aol.com or 281-238-0996.  Copies may be obtained on request by writing to:  .



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Pray for Vocations     Pray for Priests     Pray for the Sick

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