Sacred Heart Parish               Richmond, Texas              July 1999


Dear Brothers,

 Summer time is here and a new fraternal year is underway.  Please bring your family out to our Open Meeting July 13 in the old CCE Building.  We will eat a Pot Luck meal at 7 P.M., followed by our officer installation and then I will hand out some awards.  It should be a fun night of fellowship and good times visiting with your brother Knights and families.
 Someone will be calling you soon to fill the vacant Directors positions.  Please help out in the area your are interested in.  Most of these positions require only a few hours every 3 months or so as a
project comes up.  The officers’ meeting July 27 will be a planning meeting to lay out Council projects to be done through June 30, 2000.  All are invited to bring in your ideas and join us again in the Old CCE Building.

 Have a safe and pleasant summer and try not to let your kids drive you CRAZY.

Live life to the fullest,

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Installation of Officers - Open Meeting - Pot Luck Supper 
Painting at Pregnancy Resource Center 
Directors’ Meeting 
Painting at Pregnancy Resource Cente 
Officers’ Meeting 
Newsletter Input Due 
Regular Meeting 
Directors" Meeting 
Officers’ Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 P.M.  There were 20 members in attendance.

An application for a membership transfer of Harold Meyer was read and approved unanimously.
Elliot Jones and Mike Brown, new members in attendance, introduced themselves.

The Grand Knight, Mike Cutbirth, reported that the Pregnancy Resource Center is moving and needs help.  We need a volunteer to spearhead a painting committee.  He read a letter from Sharon Tusa thanking us for our sympathy and support.  He suggested that the council provide 2 briskets for the Officers' installation.  He also read a thank you from the Texas State Charities and their request that we meet our quota for the coming year.

The Treasurer, Steve Falcon, reviewed the May report.  Copies were made available at the meeting.

The Financial Secretary, Scott Sifford, reported that we have 13 unpaid members and that we are applying for the Columbian Award.

Trustee Mark Stryk reminded us that we need to follow the proper protocol when addressing the Grand Knight.

Family Director, Rick Bilski, reported on the successful Corporate Communion and the new traditional afternoon golf outing following.  The Astros’ outing will be scheduled for mid August to September.

Council Director, Paul Metcalf, made a motion that we pay for new nametags to be bought for new members.  The motion was 2nd'd and passed unanimously.  He reviewed the T-shirts and golf shirt orders and asked all the new members to contact Hugh Burton to get their names in the database.  The brisket sale for Father's Day is coming up. Sellers are needed for after mass.  He awarded the Knight of the Month to Mark Stryk.

      Elections were then held.  The new officers are:

Grand Knight 
Deputy Grand Knight 
Inside Guard 
Outside Guard 
3 yr. Trustee 
2 yr. Trustee 
1 yr. Trustee 
  Mike Cutbirth 
Glenn Nohavtiza 
Bryan Meyer  
Andy Bockholt 
Steve Falcon  
Tony Trevino 
Leroy Vasek 
Dan Polczynski 
Greg Waleke 
Mark Stryk  
Mark Chapman 
Advocate  Rick Bilski
 The motion was made by Dan Polczynski to elect the new officers by acclamation.  It was 2nd'd and passed unanimously.

The District Warden reported that the new District Deputy would be Don Postini.

Greg Waleke made a motion that profits from the Brisket sale be split 50% to the Texas State Charities and 50% to the Seminarian Fund.  The motion was 2nd'd and passed unanimously.

Mark Stryk made a motion that we provide briskets and drinks for the Officers' installation to be held at the July open meeting.  It was 2nd'd and passed unanimously.

The Grand Knight named Jeanette Ries the "Lady of the Quarter".

Prayers were offered for Ray Ireland's wife Ingrid and Dennis Barrett.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.
REMEMBER:  Tuesday, July 13  - Officers’ Installation –Open Meeting – Pot Luck Meal
All Are Invited!!
It has been quite some time since our council engaged in a meaningful community activity. Traditionally, our council has had many workdays improving the facilities of The Garden, Habitat for Humanity Homes, The Abused Women Center among others. And who could forget the "award winning" work we did for the Richmond State School Bassett House.

Well its time we get to work again. We have been asked to paint the new offices of the Pregnancy Resource Center. We accepted and our new Community Director and Past Grand Knight Hugh Burton is leading this effort. We have selected two Saturdays for this work: July 17 and 24, 1999 from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. obviously, the more Brothers we have working on this effort the quicker we can do the work.  If we have enough, we can even break into two four-hour shifts each day.

Please volunteer your time for this work. Please bring painting equipment, brushes, rollers, cans, ladders, etc. If you plan to stay all day, please bring a sack lunch. The Council will furnish the liquid refreshments. Wear paint clothes. It is acceptable to bring family members to help.

The Pregnancy Resource Center is in business to provide an alternative to abortion for pregnant women. While we can’t stop abortions, we can help where we can. Helping to provide an attractive environment for the Center staff to meet with these pregnant ladies may just help save a life.

Again please volunteer. We need many people to do the job right. Thank you in advance.
One Knight persistently performs well with the Knights, and without them. Not only does Mark Stryk play the guitar for, the "Rejoice" Choir, but he is also our Choir Master for the KC Choir at our quarterly communions.  He organizes the music, the practices and the great performances in church, along with producing the excellent music of the KC Carolers.  Thanks Mark for the many fine performances.  We are glad to award you the Knight of the Month.  We hope you will be playing with us for a long time to come.

We are happy to be able to offer you a selection of clothing items with the KC logo.  The first items that seemed to be most needed are the following for which orders are now being taken.

A Hanes Activewear Heavyweight Comfort T in 100% cotton with a small 3-color KC badge on the front left, and an optional large 3-color badge on the back.  This comes in the following colors: White, Natural, Ash, Black, Navy, Light Steel and Red.  They come in the following sizes and prices:
S, M, L, XL for $6.10 each
XXL  $7.10
XXXL $8.10
If you want your name on the sleeve, add a dollar.

Golf Shirt
A North Star Jacquard 100% ring spun combed cotton pattern sportshirt.  This will have an embroidered 3-color badge on the front left only.  The shirt design is with an accent, a second color stripe around the collar and sleeves.  The colors are (basic first/accent color): Black/Khaki, Black/White, Forest/Khaki, Navy/Khaki, Navy/White, Wine/Khaki, White/Black, White/Forest, White/Navy, White/Wine.  The sizes and prices are:
S, M, L, XL: $21.75
XXL & XXXL:  $23.25
For name on sleeve, add a dollar.

Later we shall have available: caps, vests, jackets, etc.  Please call Paul Metcalf, 281-342-9096, to order, or come to the next meeting.

The KC Blood Drive will be held Sunday, July 11, 1999, from 8 A.M. to 1 P.M.  It is important that all Knights and their families participate as this helps not only us but also others in the parish who may at some time need blood.

· Hugh Burton (281-342-4302) for:
       Membership Lists, Telephone Lists,
       Other Brothers’ addresses and phone numbers,
       Changes of your address, phone numbers - home and work, employment, children, sports,
       and corrections for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

· Tom Petrosewicz (281-341-1553) for your name tags.

Johnnie Sullivan
Ed Tusa

Brother Robert and Darlene Bauhs 
Brother Gary and Sonya Graske 
Brother David and Kathleen Kovar  
Brother Glenn and Susan Nohavitza  
Brother Thomas and Norma Petrosewicz  
Brother Robert and Evelyn Sifford  
Brother Lawrence and Becky Stryk 
Brother Andrew and Patricia Bockholt 
Brother John and Theodora Healey 
Brother Bernard and Carolyn Lednicky 
Brother Frank and Brenda Petras 
Brother Donald and Jeannette Ries 
Brother Daniel and Sharon Slavinski 
Brother Mark and Linda Towle

Tammy (Brother Alfred) Becan  
Brother Roland and Cindy Garza 
Sonya (Brother Gary) Graske 
Brother Russell Hollek 
Christine (Brother Julius) Jochec  
Brother Bernard Lednicky  
Brother James Mensay 
Brother Anthony Novak 
Lisa (Brother Timothy) Orsak 
Brother Donald Purser 
Brother Robert Reineke 
Jeannine (Brother John) Sanchez 
Brother Edward Smajstrala 
Charlotte (Brother Leroy) Vacek
  Brother Allen Ewald 
Velma (Brother John) Girouard 
Julie (Brother David) Heath 
Leanne (Brother John) James 
Brother Alex Joswiak 
Barbara (Brother John) Lipinski 
Brother Bryan Meyer, Jr. 
Brother Patrick and Lauren Orsak 
Brother Larry Paukert 
Peggy (Brother Robin) Reiland 
Brother Carl Rossini, Jr. 
Dianne (Brother Michael) Scappa 
Debbie (Brother Mark) Stryk 
To allow adequate time for the newsletter to be word processed, proofread, copied, folded, stapled, addressed and mailed before the regular monthly meeting, input is needed 10 days before the meeting date.  The following are the input dates for the rest of the year.  Please post these somewhere as a reminder.
  Due Date 
August 1 
September 5 
October 3 
October 31 
December 5 

This newsletter is printed for internal use of the Knights of Columbus by
the Newsletter Editor, Ray Ireland, of Council 7445.  Copies may be obtained on
request by writing to:  Newsletter Editor, P.O. Box 688, Richmond, Texas 77406-0668.

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