Sacred Heart Parish               Richmond, Texas              May 1999
March 3, 1920 - April 19, 1999

Ed was a Knight for over 18 years and a member of our Council for 11 years.  He was an active member of the Council serving as Guard, Photographer and Historian.  He and his wife, Sharon, could always be counted on to come out early and help set up for the Fun Runs.  Even though Ed was feeling "a little under the weather" he was helping with Ladies Night last January.

He enjoyed model airplanes, woodworking –famous for making Pouting Stools for the Church Bazaar – and photography – always taking pictures at Council events.

He always greeted everyone with a smile and a big "how do you do?"

Ed was a graduate of the University of Texas, Texas Dental College, served in the US Dental Corps in WWII and practiced dentistry in Houston until his retirement in 1984.

He will be greatly missed by his brother Knights and his wife, Sharon; children Ed Tusa, Jr. and wife, Barbie, Deborah Ann Tusa, David M. Tusa and wife, Eva and Dawn Hopkins; grandchildren, sister, cousins and nieces and nephews.

"Whoever is begotten by God conquers the world.  And the victory that conquers the world is our faith.  Who is the victor over the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God? " 1John 5:4,5

Dear Brothers and Wives,

With the recent shootings in Colorado and more and more talk of people planning to hoard 2-3 months of food and water as the clock strikes midnight January 1, I have but one simple question for all.... Where is
your faith?  Is it in man, or is it in God.  If it is in God, you have no reason to fear.  God always makes something good of evil.  One young lady in Colorado lost her life because she answered, "Yes" when asked if she believed in God.  What a beautiful testament of faith.  Would your answer have been the same?

We welcome the following 4 new brothers into our council: Michael Brown, Roland Garza, Elliott Jones, and Jim North.  These 4 men along with 4 men from Needville received the honors of the
1st degree Tuesday, April 27, 1999 at our CCE Building.  Congratulations and we look forward to your participation in our many Council events.

We need leaders!  We need a few more men to step up to the plate and take a leadership role in our Council.  The officer slate for next year still has 2 slots to be filled, and I'm not sure what kind of shape our Council Director list is in.  If interested, please contact the Grand Knight at 281-343-7266.

Remember, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of wisdom, power, and a sound mind.

Live life to the fullest,
Michael Cutbirth


Sunday, 9        Mother’s Day
Tuesday, 11    Regular Meeting
Friday, 14       State Convention starts
Saturday, 15    Car Maintenance
Tuesday, 18     Directors Meeting
Sunday, 23      Pentecost
                       Seminarian Francis’ First Mass in our Church
                       BBQ - Team "A"
Tuesday, 25    Officers Meeting
Sunday, 30      Corporate Communion
                       Newsletter Input Due

Tuesday, 8      Regular Meeting & Elections
Tuesday, 15    Directors’ Meeting
Tuesday, 22    Officers’ Meeting
Sunday, 27      BBQ - "B" Team
After an excellent meal (Sausage, Chicken, Salad, Beans and Adult Beverages) prepared by Bryan Meyer, the meeting opened at 7:37 P.M.

The Grand Knight, Mike Cutbirth, reported that the Boy Scouts thanked us for our contribution.  He is planning a first degree to be held April 22.
Don Ries thanked us for our help on the sod and the car stops on the parish workday.  He reported that Francis will celebrate his first Mass at 11:15 on May 23rd with a covered dinner afterwards.  He asked that we provide the chicken.

The Financial Secretary, Scott Sifford, reported that we have 25 unpaid members at this time.  He presented the VIP Award to Mike Cutbirth for his recruiting results.

The youth director, Mike Spiech, reported that the baseball game with the Life Teen group had been postponed until May.  The family director, Rick Bilski, reported that a Corporate Communion is coming up May 30.  The K of C district picnic has been postponed.  The Council Director, Paul Metcalf, distributed the membership list prepared by Hugh Burton.  He also presented a selection of Knights of Columbus logo clothing.

Rick Bilski made a motion that we cook and supply chickens for Francis’ parish dinner after his first mass. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Hugh Burton made a motion that we donate $300 to the Scholarship Fund.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Mike Cutbirth reported that we still need a 2nd delegate for the State Convention.  He also appointed a nominating committee consisting of the trustees and past grand knight, Frank Knessek.

Scott Sifford reported on the upcoming Car Maintenance Day to be held May 15th.

The District Deputy, Bob Yur, reported on National Friendship Week.  "A Brother Knight is a Brother Knight for life".

Prayers were offered for Ed Tusa.

The meeting adjourned at 8:37.
On April 5 we celebrated Founder’s day with an hour of prayer for the millennium in the chapel.  Unfortunately attendance was light, but the service was quite beautiful and the Homily by Deacon Don Ries was particularly moving.  I’m sure all who attended were happy they made the effort.  Thanks to J.C. Girouard for organizing this and Don Ries for leading it.

Coming up on May 15th will be a Car Maintenance day for single mothers and widows of the parish.  Mark you calendar and plan to be there to help out.  We’ll do light checkups like oil, transmission fluid, air cleaner, air in the tires, water, etc. and even provide a car wash.  We hope to co-venture this with the Life Teen Group.  Thanks to Scott Sifford, Mike McConnell and Steve Nestlerode for organizing this.

The K of C District picnic was canceled.  We think it would still be nice to have a family picnic for our council.  If you agree give Rick Bilski a call.

Our fraternal year is in its last quarter, which means it’s time to plan for the new fraternal year.  If there’s some job you’ve always wanted, or at least would be willing to do if we have no other takers, please let me know.  Again, at meetings or E-mail Greg Waleke at

As always, please come to the meeting to find out more of what’s happening.  We promise you some good fellowship, food, beverages, and a chance to be involved in some very worthy causes.  We have enough programs so that we have something for everyone.  Come on out and get involved!

If there is sufficient interest by both the parish youth and the Knights, there will be a softball game with the Life Teen group on Sunday, May 16 at 1:30PM, at the #1 field at the YMCA. Call Mike Spiech, 281-545-8536, if you want to play; there will also be an opportunity to sign up at our next general meeting, May 11.

The Middle School youth will be sponsoring a car wash on Saturday, May 15 in connection with our Knights car clinic for Parish women.

Other possible events with the Parish youth could include bowling, a ping pong tournament (Summer-time, indoors!), and a joint fund raising activity for a local charity.

If you have any ideas for activities with our Parish youth, or if you want to help with upcoming activities, give Mike Spiech a call at 281-545-8536.

We will be celebrating our Knights of Columbus Corporate Communion on May 30, 1999 at the 9:30 a.m. Mass.  Please plan to attend with your family.  This is a great opportunity for our fraternal family to receive the gift of the Eucharist.  We will gather in the entryway of the church and proceed to our seats as Father and the Fourth Degree Knights lead the way.  Also, please plan on breakfast afterwards.  This is a chance for our families to get to know each other.

We are considering what to do for our Knights of Columbus family picnic.  In the past we held this event in conjunction with the KC district picnic held in Rosenberg, but that has been cancelled.  We have a couple of choices which we will discuss at the regular meeting on Tuesday, May 11, 1999.  Please plan to attend and share your ideas of what we can do for a summer family event or call Rick Bilski (281) 342-7895.

We have had numerous requests to bring back the KC’s Astros Day bus trip for the 1999 baseball season.  We will discuss this event at our regular meeting also.  We will look at dates and times of upcoming ballgames.  Please keep in mind those good seats and games get booked early.  Last year’s Beenie Baby game day was a "family event highlight" well received by all ages.  Call Rick Bilski to reserve seats.

There are several little arduous jobs that just need to be kept going, month after month. For instance, if the labels are wrong, you do not get your newsletter; if the records are not constantly updated, we do not know who is a member; what is your degree; your sports, who has children, "how can I get hold of him?" and "what’s his wife’s name?" and this is done by Hugh Burton who produces lists, labels and information all year round.  He was awarded the Knight of the Month for this great work, thanks Hugh.

· Hugh Burton (281-342-4302) for:
       Membership Lists, Telephone Lists,
Other Brothers’ addresses and phone numbers,
Changes of your address, phone numbers - home and work, employment, children, sports, and corrections for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

· Tom Petrosewicz (281-341-1553) for your name tags.

Fr. Eric and his sabbatical studies.

Brother Johnnie Sullivan
Brother Ed Tusa

Brother Michael and Patty Bishop         Brother Durand and Joan Boser
Brother Francis and Cinda De Bons      Brother Vince and Danette Fennesy
Brother John and Brenda Gillespie         Brother Joe and Janet Grillo, Jr.
Brother Rick and Ann Hai                     Brother Julius and Christine Jochec
Brother Dennis and Anna Keyes            Brother James and Debbie Mensay
Brother Bryan and Brenda Meyer, Jr.    Brother Darrell and Martha Mitchell
Brother Alois and Ann Muehr                Brother Larry and Linda Paukert
Brother Ronald and Dianne Peschke      Brother Mark and Debbie Stryk

Carmen (Brother Moses) Baladez         Mary Ann (Brother Michael) Biesiada
Brother Charles Drees                          Sheila (Brother Chris) Fucik
Brother John Gillespie                           Brother John Girouard
Brother Larry Gremminger                    Brother Gary Holtz
Brother James Horsch                          Brother Frank Knesek, Jr.
Brother David Kovar                            Debbie (Brother James) Mensay
Vickie (Brother Tim) Moncure              Brother Tyler Murrile
Brother Glen Nelson                             Margaret (Brother Richard) Oldmixon
Brother Ronald Peschke                       Brother Thomas Phalen
Brother Philip Pieknik                           Brother Bobby Slavinski
Becky (Brother Lawrence) Stryk          Brother Mark Stryk
Eve (Brother Patrick) Stryk                  Brother Robert Trachimowicz
Brother Leonard Wetzel

To allow adequate time for the newsletter to be word processed, proofread, copied, folded, stapled, addressed and mailed before the regular monthly meeting, input is needed 10 days before the meeting date.  The following are the input dates for the rest of the year.  Please post these somewhere as a reminder.
Month           Due Date
July                July 4
August           August 1
September     September 5
October        October 3
November     November 31
December     December 5

This newsletter is printed for internal use of the Knights of Columbus by
the Newsletter Editor, Ray Ireland, of Council 7445.  Copies may be obtained on
request by writing to:  Newsletter Editor, P.O. Box 688, Richmond, Texas 77406-0668.

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