Sacred Heart Parish         Richmond, Texas           November 1999


"What profit is there for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? Mark 8:36

Dear Brothers and Families,

Food for thought from Challenge 2000: A basketball team had just celebrated a prayer service before playing in the state tournament.  During the service, the chaplain said to the team, "The important thing ten years from now won't be whether or not you won the state championship.  Rather, it will be what you
became in the process of trying to win it."  After the prayer service, the coach said to the players, "Sit down a minute.  Our chaplain said something that is bothering me.  I wonder what we've become trying to put together a winning season.  Have we become more loyal to one another? More loving?  Better Christians?  I hope to God that we have.  Because if we haven't, we've failed God, we've failed one another, we've failed ourselves."  How would you answer the coach's question regarding your Knights of Columbus and your personal life up to this point?  Not very proud of your answer?  Neither am I, but take comfort my friends with these words of Bonnie Prudden - "You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again."  Wind up your Knights of Columbus clock and get involved.

 What should we as a Council do for all the work Fr. Eric has done for this Parish and for his continuous support of our works as a Council these past 12 years?  Bring your ideas to the next meeting Tuesday, November 9.  Also at the meeting we will vote on the proposed purchase of a Bar-B-Que pit for $2,000.
Another agenda item will be the New Year's breakfast following the 11:15 PM Mass.  Remember to bring your canned, non-perishable food during November's Food Drive.

A final note - continue to pray for all the sick, but especially Brother Dennis Barrett as he continues his courageous fight with cancer.  Pray for his healing, for God's comfort in dealing with his pain, strength for his wife, Margie, and for the entire family as they go through this time of trial.  Pray for our youth, especially those who are fighting their religion and God.

Live life to the fullest,


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Food Baskets
Members Altar Flowers in Honor of Deceased Members 
Regular Meeting
Softball with Life Teens
Officers’ and Directors’ Meeting

Breakfast With Santa
St. Nicholas Party 
Blood Drive
Christmas Party
New Year’s Eve Mass

Bubba Meyers had a real fish fry on October 12.  We had fish to fry left over.  Were you there?  It was an open meeting with several families attending.  A good time was had by all with more than enough to eat.

Come to the meeting on November 9, 1999.  Among other things the details of the Christmas Party will be discussed.  Also, beautiful golf shirts should be available.

Parish Bazaar crews were heavily manned by Brother Knights. Thanks for all your help.
In the next couple months, there will be functions that will need your help, talents, and time.  We can finish planning with help from you.  In the coming months we will need your commitment to a few hours of your valuable time.  So during the month of November, members of this Council will be calling each Brother Knight for some updating in our data bank. Please give the information and assistance they need to accomplish the job.

Youth activities for the coming year include:

1. Softball with Life Teen - Sunday, November 14 - 2:30 PM at Y field.  We need at least 10 brothers to field a team. Call Mike Spiech or sign up at the November meeting.

2. Adopt a 1st Communicant (Spiritual Support) - 1st Communion in May; spiritual support ongoing
Paul Metcalf is heading up this activity and will be contacting you soon to solicit your spiritual support for at least one of our 1st communicants (85-90 total). John Healey, Ray Ireland, Rick Bilski, and Leroy Vacek have volunteered to help. This is an ideal activity for those of you who cannot make it to meetings but want to have some involvement. A great opportunity for all!

3. Breakfast With Santa - December 4; Mike McConnell will chair this activity while Paul Metcalf, Bubba, and Leroy Vacek have volunteered to help. Duties include cooking pancakes and sausages and clean up.

4. St. Nicholas Party - December 7 (A simple prayer service and distribution of candy canes to our CCE youth) A leader for this activity is needed - Call Mike Spiech to volunteer to head it up

5. Free-throw contest - January, 2000; John Gillespie will lead this activity with John Healey, Rick Bilski, and Greg Waleke already having volunteered to help

6. Lock-in for Junior High - Friday Night/Saturday Morning, probably January 14-15. If his schedule permits, Jim Mensay will lead this activity but will need a few additional Knights to help with cooking and other duties

7. 4th/5th Grade Retreat (Assist as Needed) - A Friday night in February (7-11PM) Greg Waleke has volunteered to lead this activity and will probably need a few additional brothers to help

8. Volleyball with Life Teen - Sunday, March 12 at Sacred Heart. I need someone to coordinate this  with Tony Langerud - Call Mike Spiech

9. Workday for the Elderly (Assist Elementary Children in Project) - tentative April 22 Hugh Burton and Mike Cutbirth have volunteered to help in this activity. I need a volunteer to work out details with Hugh and Virginia Ewald – Call Mike Spiech.

Tony Langerud may provide some additional activities to support for the Life Teen group.

If you don’t see your name above, please consider giving some of your time to any of these projects or suggest some others that you believe would be of value to our parish youth. We are here to help our parish be the best that it can be – look inside and help where you can, even if you only participate in one activity or at least pray for its success.

Thanks for your support for these youth activities and may God guide you to determine where you can best help.

The Holiday Season is fast approaching and we would like to remind you that our Council’s Christmas Dinner and Charity Event will be December 14, 1999.  Please reserve this date on your calendars and bring the entire family.  A primary objective of the event will be to practice our Christian giving as we have traditionally provided support to a very deserving organization.  At the same time, we can bring our entire families together for good food, entertainment, and some fellowship.  Remember, reserve, Tuesday, December 14, and bring the whole family.

We would like to recognize Mike McConnell for the month of October.  Mike was a solid contributor to the September barbecue when we were short on resources and volunteered to become our "Chef in charge of Beans" for each of the Barbecue events.  Mike, we appreciate very much your support of this very important fund raiser for the Council.

· Hugh Burton (281-342-4302) for:
       Membership Lists, Telephone Lists,
Other Brothers’ addresses and phone numbers,
Changes of your address, phone numbers - home and work, employment, children, sports, and corrections for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

· Tom Petrosewicz (281-341-1553) for your name tags.

Johnnie Sullivan
Ed Tusa

Brother Michael and Dana Cutbirth
Brother Arthur and Jane Hausler
Brother Kyle and Jennifer Nohavitza 
  Brother Allen and Virginia Ewald
Brother David and Julie Heath
Brother Michael and Dianne Scappa

Brother Glenn Blaizer 
Brother Chris Fucik
Ann (Brother Rick) Hail
Brother Anthony and Carol Langerud
Brother Dennis and Melba Meek 
Brother Brian Nowak
Brother Thomas Pawelek
Judy (Brother William) Reinecker 
Brother Daniel Ries
Brother John Sanchez 
Brother Patrick Stryk
Brother Terry Wolke
  Brother Rev. John Broussard
Brother Gene Gritczek
Ingrid (Brother Ray) Ireland
Brother James Lutz
Patti (Brother John) Michalek
Dianne (Brother Ronald) Peschke
Susan (Brother Thomas) Phalen
Brother James Ries
Brother Gerardo Saldana
Tracie (Brother Edward) Smajstrala
Brother Bill Willis

To allow adequate time for the newsletter to be word processed, proofread, copied, folded, stapled, addressed and mailed before the regular monthly meeting, input is needed 10 days before the meeting date.

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The Newsletter Editor, Ray Ireland, of Council 7445.  Copies may be obtained on
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