Sacred Heart Parish                Richmond, Texas           January 1999

Dear Brothers and Lovely Ladies,

Happy New Year!  I love January.  Everyone gets a fresh start...forget your mistakes of the past and look to the future with a renewed hope and a quiet confidence that God will see you through whatever challenges come your way.

Pull your chin straps tight because we have a BUSY January.  Our regular council meeting is Jan. 12 and I feel certain Bubba will start the new year with a BANG!?!  Vocations week is Jan. 10-16.  Do you think we can squeeze in a pancake and sausage breakfast on Jan. 17?  Proceeds will go for the support of 1 or 2 seminarians.  We'll discuss this at the meeting.  Yes it's once again time for LADIES NIGHT.  The big evening is set for Jan. 23.  Encourage your bride and/or girlfriend (not both) to attend as the food and entertainment will be first rate.  Jan. 29 is the 15th Annual Clergy Night at Council 8960 in Pearland.  We are considering  sponsoring a table for $100 that will allow seating for 8 people.  If you and your spouse wish to attend, the cost is $15 per person for cocktails and dinner.  Bring your check made out to "Galveston Houston Chapter" to the meeting.  There will be no tickets available at the door and deadline for tickets is Jan 15.  Church director, J C Girouard will fill us in on the details at the meeting. Our 1st Super Bowl BBQ is scheduled for January 31 with all 3 BBQ teams joining in for the FUN.
Anyone else who would like to join us is most welcome.  Bubba will fill us in at the meeting Jan 12.

Congratulations go out to Steve Nestlerode, Vince Fennesy, and Bill Willis who joined our Council Dec 7.  These 3 new brother knights attended the first degree in Sugar Land.  Also please welcome Dr. Michael
Bishop who reactivated his membership in our council.  We look forward to working with these men and pray their membership will be fruitful and filled with many pleasant memories.

 I want to thank all of you for all your hard work and support the past 6 months.  Words cannot express how much Dana and I appreciate all your efforts on behalf of our Church and Parish Family.  Please keep Fr. Eric in your prayers as he begins his studies and may God bless you and yours with a safe, healthy, prosperous New Year.

Live life to the fullest,
Michael Cutbirth


Tuesday, 12          Regular Meeting
Tuesday, 19          Directorís Meeting
Friday, 22              March for Life in Washington, D.C.  (26th Anniversary of  Roe vs Wade)
Saturday, 23         Ladiesí Night
Sunday, 24           "Say It With Roses!"  for preborn brothers and sisters
                               Free Throw Contest
Tuesday, 26         Officerís Meeting
Friday, 29             Clergy Appreciation Night
Sunday, 31           B-B-Q, Teams A, B, and C
                              Corporate Communion
                              Newsletter Input Due

Tuesday, 9          Regular Meeting
Tuesday, 16        Directorís Meeting
Sunday, 21          Youth Challenge
Tuesday, 23        Pancake Supper
A little enlightenment on the Y2K problem.
We can be very proud of our blood drive that was held on December 12 and 13.  We had the most blood donors ever since the first blood drive back in 1979!  There were 61 whole blood, 7 double red cell, 9 plasma and 4 platelet donations.  We will get credit for 88 because the double red cell donation count as 2 credits each.  Thank you Mike Cutbirth and all the volunteers for organizing this drive.
About seventy Knights, friends, relatives and guests enjoyed an evening of merry-making, mirth and music at the Annual KC Christmas Party on December 12th.  As usual the purpose was to help others more needy then ourselves at the joyous time of giving.  Penny Robichaux, founder of The Garden, was our guest. The response to her request for help for The Garden was excellent.  Grand Knight, Mike Cutbirth, presented her with $1,072 for the home, plus many presents and all the cards for the children.  Penny wrote and thanked us for our kindness to her and to "our precious Garden".  Every morsel of the delicious food, prepared by Bryan Meyer and brought by all the Brothers and their Ladies, vanished before Santa Claus came with gifts for the children at the party. Thank you Roy Cerrillo.  And thank you Bryan and all who prepared the food.  A little, light, musical, Christmas entertainment was given by the shepherds from Bethlehem and Archangel Gabriel who brought us to the birth of Christ. Thank you carolers Hugh Burton, Greg Waleke, Mark Chapman, Gary Graske, drummer Glenn Blaizer, guitarist Mark Stryk, lighting technician Glenn Nohavitza and dance instructor Paul Metcalf.  And thank you to those who brought all the needed supplies, and to Greg and Jean Waleke and Tim and Vickie Moncure for all the great decorations, and especially to Mike McConnell for all the setting up and cleaning up.
It sometimes seems to be a battle against all odds to put on an event.  We can blame El Nino for many things, especially the floods we had recently.  That made the efforts of Tom Petrosewicz all the more noteworthy having to do the whole thing over and over again.  It was our Annual Golf Tournament that was put off yet again. Flooded, mudded golf courses are not open even to charity events.  We therefore awarded Tom as the Knight of the Month for his gallantry, persistence, and good humor in his ongoing trials, and to persuade him to hang in there till April.
Since this month has five Sundays we will be having our Corporate Communion on January 31, 1999 during 9:30 Mass.  Following Mass we will meet at JJís for breakfast.

Breakfast with Santa was successfully held on Saturday, December 5. Thanks to Mike McConnell for leading this activity sponsored by our middle school students.

FREE MONEY! FREE MONEY! FREE MONEY! (For college-bound high school seniors)
If you have college-bound children, Jim Mensay and John Boyles are working to get them information on what scholarships the KCs have to offer. A letter will be mailed to all juniors and seniors in early January with the necessary information. Also, John and Jim are working on tours of the campuses of St. Thomas and Texas A&M for any college-bound kids. Thanks to Jim and John for coordinating this important activity!

John Gillespie is coordinating the annual free throw contest to be held on Sunday, January 24 from 1-4PM. This year the event will be held in our own facility. John will need volunteers to help so please call him at 238-0211 or we can sign you up at the next meeting.

We need 6-10 Knights to challenge the Teen Life youth to a volleyball match in our gym in mid February. Sign up sheets will be available at the next meeting. We need YOU to defend our winning streak, started in October with our superbly played softball game.
In January each year, when we get our notice to pay our dues, we are also asked to list the volunteer hours we have done in community services.  These statistics help the Knights of Columbus retain their tax free status, they show to the rest of the Knights that we are not standing idly by, and they tell the rest of the world that the Knights is the best charitable organization to join or support.  The figures are printed in the Columbia magazine.  Please think now of the number of visits you have made in 1998 to the sick or bereaved, number of times a blood donor, and the hours you have put into Church related activities, community, youth or other related services, and hours put into service to members and their families.  Think of Little League or YMCA coaching, Prison Ministry, Scouting, CCE, Pee Wee Football, ministries to the sick, homeless, old or poor, church ministries.  You know what you do, please let us tell the world what you do.  Please be ready in January to complete the Annual survey.  Thanks.
The golf tournament got rained out and so did the parish work day.  But it hasnít been forgotten.  The date has not yet been determined but when it is we all need to pitch in and help.

The golf tournament will be held in the spring.   The beneficiary for the tournament is the Andy Oldmixon Benefit Fund, a fellow Knight. We now have plenty of time to get out the sponsors and golfers.   For information or to sponsor call Tom Petrosewicz 342-6584 (day) or 341-1553 (evenings).

Brother Eric and Charlene Berlin         Brother Louis and Heidi Fredrickson  (5 years)
Brother Daniel and Bonnie Gerken     Brother Allen and Susan Hartmann  (30 years)
Brother Harvey and Gloria Horelica    Brother Richard and Margaret Oldmixon



Darlene (Brother Robert) Bauhs                 Cindy (Brother Rick) Bilski
Marilyn (Brother Alvin) Brazda                  Brother John and Theodora Healey
Gloria (Brother Harvey) Horelica                Brother Julius Jochec
Gail (Brother William) Keyser                     Pauline (Brother Werner) Klesel
Elvira  (Brother Marvin) Kuhn                    Brother Charles Mertz
Brother Alois and Ann Muehr                   Brother Ray Pargac
Brother Frank Petras                                    Brother Thomas Petrosewicz
Carla (Brother Greg) Pitts                            Brother Eduardo Rios
Karen (Brother Bobby) Slavinski               Brother Johnnie Sullivan
Wallie (Brother Tony) Trevino                   Jean (Brother Gregory) Waleke
Lois (Brother Leonard) Wetzel
You probably noticed the picture of a rose and the Capitol on the first page.  The beautiful  "red rose", symbol of short life and martyrdom, has now been established by the March for Life as the prolife symbol in America.  The "red rose" has done powerful work for the whole movement.  It is "the" education tool for the annual January 22 prolife activities in Washington, DC.

Prayers are very important to all of us.  Many times when we are faced with a difficulty or hardship we need the prayers of others.  These prayer requests can be published in this newsletter.  Send them to me by e-mail (rain62467, phone (281-238-0996), or mail (2127 Morton League Rd., Richmond,  TX 77469).  They should arrive before the newsletter input date.

To allow adequate time for the newsletter to be word processed, proofread, copied, folded, stapled, addressed and mailed before the regular monthly meeting, input is needed 10 days before the meeting date.  The following are the input dates for the rest of the year.  Please post these somewhere as a reminder.
                             Month                Due Date
                             February            January 31
                             March                February 28
                             April                  April 4
                             May                   May 2
                             June                   May 30
                             July                    July 4
                             August              August 1
                             September         September 5
                             October             October 3
                             November         November 31
                             December          December 5

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