Sacred Heart Parish  Richmond, Texas  SEPTEMBER 2000

Moses Baladez,    Joe E. Bezdek    Andrew M. Murrile   Ed Tusa     Jeff  E Wood
Dennis Barrett,  Frank Hudek  Z E "Zeek" Nowak   Mark Valachovic
Lou Bartie  Louis Jankowski   Jodie Stavinoha   Edgar Wanjura
Ben Belisch  Louis W. Lipinski    Johnny U Sullivan   Arthur C. Wendel

This list of Deceased Knights of Columbus updated by Brother Dick Oldmixon P.O. Box 488 Rosenberg, TX 77471

Please keep our Deputy Grand Knight, Brother Don Murrile, his wife, Linda and all of the Murrile family in your prayers. Their son, Brother Andrew M. Murrile, passed away this Labor Day Weekend.

September 12
Regular business meeting 7:30 pm (Old CCE Building).   Be sure to be there to discuss…

October 1
October 1 is Respect Life Sunday.  On this day Life Chains will be held in hundreds of cities nationwide.  In Richmond/Rosenberg the Life Chain extends between Kroger’s parking lot and Planned Parenthood on Avenue H and is held from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM.
The Life Chain is a legal, peaceful, prayerful public witness against the killing of unborn children.  Its purpose is to provide a visual statement of solidarity by our local Christian community that abortion is grievously wrong and that the church Christ founded is opposed to the unmerciful killing of pre-born children. 

This is one way the Knights of Columbus can show their commitment to Pro–Life. Please join us on Sunday, October 1, 2000.

Ray Ireland, Pro Life Director (281) 238-0996.

October 10                              OPEN HOUSE

7:00 pm  Fish Fry! + Open meeting INVITE prospective knights & families!

ALERT!   Bubba Does FISH !    Bring a desert.
Ask a friend and his family
to join us in the K of C
  Make your family
a part of ours

October 29           Corporate Communion + Tentative Memorial Mass service.
December. 2    Breakfast with Santa  (1st Sat. of December)

December. 12  KC Christmas party IDEAS???  (2nd Tue. Of December) 


Dear Brother Knights in Christ,

Our 2000-2001 Fraternal year is off and running! We have had our first regular business meeting and a family outing to Enron Field to watch a baseball game and it was fantastic! Thanks to Rick Bilski for his perfect organization of this event! Also, thanks to Brian Meyer for handling the refreshments. He had something for everyone!

Come to our regular business meeting, September 12 and hear and see [pictures] of it all!

We have all our elected officers but are still in need of a Lecturer, a Program Director, a Community Director and a Youth Director.  All of these positions are very important. Please prayerfully consider one of these responsibilities. Let’s talk about it and/or call me at work 281-871-5944 daytime from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. or at home 979-793-KOFC(5632). As Ron Gay, our immediate Past State Deputy, said, "If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right." Billy Quintanilla, our new State Deputy, says, "You have not seen our best year yet!"

 I would like to thank those who helped with our membership drive during Parish Ministry Days: Leroy Vacek and Immediate Past Grand Knight Mike Cutbirth from our council. Also, thanks to Fourth Degree Sir Knights Joe Garza, Ron Hallas and Jeff Sposato from Msgr. J.J. Tydladka Assembly. Your efforts were much appreciated.

Your Brother in Christ,
Dan Polczynski, Grand Knight

The Knights of Columbus celebrated Family Week by enjoying a Chartered Bus Trip to see the Houston Astros play at Enron Field in Houston on Sunday, August 20th for a afternoon matchup against Division rival Milwaukee Brewers.

This Astros lost the game in the last inning 6-5, however, it was a close game which could have gone either way. Enron Field displays a fan friendly atmosphere and is certainly different from past KC Family Week outings at The Astrodome. Although the Astros added another loss to their 2000 campaign, the real winners were the participants who attended the KC Family activity. Anytime we Knights have the chance to gather with  our family and friends and enjoy in fellowship it allows us the opportunity to reflect on  how blessed we actually are.   We sold 60 tickets to the game and  had to upgrade to a larger capacity bus this year.

Rick Bilski, Family Director  (281) 342-7895

GO Astros

Brother Charles &Mary Drees
Brother Alan & Pilar Earlt
Jarrel & Sandra Hartfiel
Brother Lawrence & Jeanne Horrigan
Brother Robert & Kathy Reineke
Oscar & Rose Taccogna
Brother Robert & Patty Trachimowicz         

Rick Bilslki 
Huey P. Burton
Michael P. Cutbirth
Steven M. Falcon
Marvin J. Kuhn
Gerald E. Migl
Carl E. Myers
Richard L. Oldmixon
Michael E. Orsak
Rev. Fr. Eric J. Pitre
Greg W. Pitts
Bennie W. Richter, Jr.
Donald G. Ries
Daniel R. Slavinski
Gene H. Theobald
James Weyland                           
Charlene (Bother Eric) Berlin
Mary (Brother Charles ) Drees
Bonnie (Brother Daniel) Gerkin
Barbara (Brother Gene) Gritzek
Susan (Brother Allen )Hartman
Jane (Brother Arthur ) Hausler
Caroline (BrotherBernard)Lednicky
Martha (Brother Darrell) Mitchell
Linda (Brother Larry ) Paukert
Norma (Brother Thomas) Petroseowicz
Sharon (Brother Daniel ) Slavinski

I hope you enjoy your KC 7445 newsletter. This is my very first edition #0.001. A BIG THANK YOU to immediate past Newsletter Editor, Ray Ireland! THANKS, RAY!

To allow adequate time for the newsletter to be word processed, printed, copied, folded, addressed, stamped & mailed before the regular monthly meeting, input to me is required 10 days or more before the meeting date!
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The Newsletter Editor,
Andy Oldmixon
3908 Brumbelow St. Rosenberg, TX 77471
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